Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Sorry I (Eric) have left most of the posting to Lauren. But to update a quick synopsis of my Christmas break. I headed to Pittsburgh early in the morning and Bill Brown picked me up from the airport. We then headed to a their local Co-op which I am a big fan of.


Bill needed some Kava Kava..


I was hungry and I there was only one place on my mind… The Quiet Storm. Slowly becoming a staple on my Pittsburgh To-Do list.


The man the myth..


They have plenty of vegan everything… almost too many options.


I started out with the chicken noodle soup and Bill got the mac and cheese. Next course for me was the "cheesy snake" veganized, which Bill recommended. It was delish! For dessert I had a cinnamon roll that finished the meal off nicely.


Bill had a spicy thai tofu wrap. Luckily I got a bite in before he at the rest.


The rest of that day led to me and him drinking at the bar until my cousin picked me up and I finally made it to Ellwood City. Thank again Bill for the pick up and sitting at the bar even though you had to be at work : )

Holidays are always a great time of seeing family members and hearing random arguments and of course eating. I would like to thank both my grandparents for making food especially for me. They made me meatless marinara, egg-less latkes, delicious bread, ect, ect. Thank you again!

I wish I would have taken more pictures but oh well. I did get to see my cousin’s baby for the first time, Gino, "the godfather."


And finally my grandpa Max. Always great seeing the family. Hope everyone had a good holiday.



lauren said...

becoming a staple? haha, you've only been there twice!