Monday, December 21, 2009

photos from the weekend

so you might have heard we got some snow in the northeast over the weekend...
walking around the neighborhood

walking around the neighborhood

walking around the neighborhood

all of those photos were taken early in the day, when there were only a few inches. we ended up getting around 23 inches at our apartment.

right when the snow started

this was eric's car mid day...
eric's car

and this is what it looked like sunday morning...
eric's car

we had planned a few weeks ago to have a christmas party on saturday night. once the snow started we figured no one would actually show up, but we continued on with our idea by baking and decorating all day.

slyfox christmas ale
slyfox christmas ale is amazing

christmas decorations

i finally finished the wreath!

peppermint chocolate dipped sugar cookies
this idea was from real simple. i made the sugar cookie recipe from vegan cookies take over the world, then i sliced the dough into rectangles. once they baked and cooled i dipped the ends into melted chocolate, then sprinkled with crushed peppermint candy.

this was another real simple idea. i melted 12 oz. of chocolate and poured it in a 9"x13" cookie sheet and sprinkled with mixed nuts. then refrigerated for an hour, until hard.


we had four people make it to our christmas party! four! ha. we plan to have a another party when there isn't 2 feet of snow on the ground.

sunday morning we both woke up craving pancakes. we needed to fuel up for shoveling!

getting ready to shovel
we needed to get eric's car out, and shovel a pathway to the road.

shoveling snow
i've never shoveled snow before, and was actually pretty excited.

shoveling snow

shoveling snow

we finally got eric's car out

we finally got eric's car out

old city
i then convinced eric to help me finish my christmas shopping.

old city
except two of the main places i needed to go where closed. I'M SORRY! MOST PEOPLE ARE GETTING THEIR PRESENTS LATE BECAUSE THESE PLACES WERE CLOSED.

old city

old city

adam and juli
adam and juli were hardcore enough to walk over saturday night in the snow, so eric and i walked over to juli's sunday night for dinner. they even cooked for us!

and dolly put on her sunday best.

tomorrow's my last day of work for a week! wednesday i fly out to lubbock and eric flies to pittsburgh.