Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Goodbye Philly, Hello Hawaii

Sorry I (Eric) have not posted in a while, its been really busy around here as of lately. Anyways…


So Lauren had posted the other day that we went to our friends going away party. Since it was a Philly theme and our friend Julianna is all about scrapple, (a local Philadelphian favorite) she had to make some for the party. I figured Id pick up some Vrapple (vegan scrapple), which from what Julianna tells me does not taste much like its mush pork counter partner, but good nonetheless. I like to pick some up for breakfast sometimes on the weekend. I had bought it that day at a local market and was in the process of thawing it out most of the day before I pan-fried it off at her house.


We were busy cooking and Lauren was able to witness Steak-umm’s for the first time.


After that we (at least most of us..) headed to a bar that we thought Kevin and Rachel really enjoyed, that wasn't the case. There was an Eagle’s game going on and I don’t think anyone was too excited to see us. Then Julianna tried to surprise me, or something.


Group hug. We’ll miss you two!


And I was able to see Kevin’s new hot wings tattoo… Good times for sure.


The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

i think that tattoo started my day off perfectly.