Friday, July 17, 2009

mom and chase visit philly

we have internet! it took a while, and we still need to fix some things, but we actually have internet!

last thursday my mom and chase flew to philadelphia to visit the city and to bring my cats. i am so happy to have my cats back, and they are happy to be back with me.

i'd say their trip was a success and we did a lot of walking.

after they got in, we dropped the cats off and went to eat at honey's. it's a few blocks from my apartment, and i had been wanting to try it out. it's described as jewish/southern food. it was good!


after lunch we immediately started walking, and we headed to old city to see some historical stuff. i wanted mom and chase to get a feel for the city on this trip, so we didn't go to any of the museums, but just walked past them. i told them next time we can do more specific stuff.
ben franklin


indepence mall

indepence mall

then we walked to penn's landing so they could see new jersey.
penn's landing

that's new jersey across the bridge.
penn's landing

friday morning we walked over to edgar allan poe's house. it's only a few blocks away, on a main street, and somehow i never even noticed it.
edgar allan poe

edgar allan poe

edgar allan poe

then we walked to chinatown.

and continued on into center city, where we saw city hall.
city hall

by this time we had covered some ground on our feet, so we stopped for lunch at marathon grill, for build your own salads!
marathon grill

but after lunch our walking continued.
we walked over to love park, and for some reason my mom and never heard/seen it before.
love park

i did get a picture of her with her favorite hobby.

we decided to continue walking over to art museum, and stopped at moore college of art and design, to see a bicycle exhibit they have right now.
moore bike exhibit

moore bike exhibit

and then we walked to the art museum.
art museum

me and chase


the art museum also had a rocky statue.


i really wanted to make sure my mom was keeping up with her workouts. i wasn't sure if all the walking would be enough, so i made her run the rocky steps. and i videotaped it. chase is going to put music to it soon.

after all that walking, chase celebrated with a pretzel cone.
pretzel cone

by this time we were all really tired of walking so much. so we decided to take the train. lucky for us, the station is only a block from my apartment.

and we walked down to rittenhouse.
rittenhouse square

and then we went to the punk rock flea market.
punk rock flea market

sorry for the large photo dump! now that i have internet i should be able to post more regularly. and i promise to take pictures of the apartment soon! it's a disaster right now because i've been cutting up magazines pages (to get my portfolio together, because someone has a second interview on monday!), and we just bought a wardrobe that we need to put together.
but here is a photo of the back of our apartment, were you enter.