Monday, July 27, 2009

bits of the weekend

this past weekend was a pretty big one in terms of firsts.

eric and i have been wanting to get a grill for a while, and we finally purchased one this weekend!
purchasing a grill
we went with a really plain, charcoal one, nothing fancy here!


it was great to finally have a grill and to start cooking veggies.

we also moved our kitchen table out onto the deck so we could start eating out there. eventually we'll get a new kitchen table or a table for the deck, but for now we are just shuffling it in between.
finally eating on the deck

another big first is we starting letting the cats outside!
kitta marie is doing great, she loves being outside, and she wonders some, but usually just hangs out on the deck.
kitta marie

grissom is still a little timid, and really only likes being out there if eric or i are there.

and this is ms. white, a local stray. she doesn't bother kitta too much, but grissom doesn't like her being around.
ms. white

and finally we went to the farmer's market for the first time.
we picked up some great produce at really low prices.
farmer's market


penelope said...

i really liked your photos and the fantastic food you are writing about. inspires me to try some new recipes. and i just had to say that i think it's really fantastic that your husband/boyfriend wears a headband so often! grilling is hard work.