Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day of from work!

Like most people in America, Eric and I had off work on Monday. We had thrown around the idea of going swimming, and we were excited when Adam called us to see if we wanted to go to Devil's Pool.
None of us had been there, but we had heard about it. It's a swimming hole located in Wissahickon Valley. Eric and I actually went hiking there a few weeks ago, and had been wanting to go back.

Eric and I hopped on our bikes and rode over to Adam's were we were greeted with a few friends. It was about 23 miles roundtrip to Devil's Pool, kind of far, but it was a lot easier to ride bikes then drive.

Heading out to Devil's Pool

We rode on the Kelly drive path for most of the way.
Riding along Kelly drive

Riding on Kelly Drive

Riding along Kelly drive

Then we hopped on the Wissahickon Trail, which took us to Forbidden Drive, then we rode that the entire way. Part of the trail is paved, the other part isn't, which sucked.

Riding along the Wissahickon trail

Devil's Pool

We weren't too sure of where we were going, but figured we could figure it out. Eventually we stumbled upon a bunch of people and we were in the right spot.

They had a small cliff you could climb up and jump off of. Of course I slipped while climbing up and have giant scrapes all over my body.

Devil's Pool

Devil's Pool

The guys we were with were a lot braver with jumping off.
Devil's Pool

It was great to find a swimming hole not too far from the city.
Devil's Pool

Eric and I rode home, quickly changed, then rode our bikes to South Philly for dinner. We were too lazy to go to the grocery store and figured heading to Royal Tavern was a better option.
This definitely made riding 23 miles worth it.
Royal Tavern


scargosun said...

The fries there totally make up for all that riding. :)

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

Oh this makes me miss Philly and biking in Philly. That swimming place looks awesome...of course it's 23 miles out of the city.