Monday, September 28, 2009

bits of the weekend

friday morning i woke up and the first thing i did was take kitta marie to the vet. she definitely had a UTI and bladder stones (again!) so she got a shot, and some pills and we have completely changed her diet. she seems to be doing better.
eric and i decided to not going to ocean city that day, and just watch her and make sure she was ok.

once eric got home from work we went to a bar across the street from our apartment for happy hour.

then we rode our bikes into center city to meet up with people and go to dinner and to a bar.
juli had taken the bus but eric decided to give her a ride back.

everyone in amsterdam rode bikes around like this and it made me kind of jealous. i wish more people did it here. so we jumped at the opportunity to give it a try and it worked out quite well.

this is really my only photo from saturday. eric was awesome and cooked me pancakes for breakfast.

we ended up catching a ride to ocean city, which was about 3 hours away. sadly it was cold and rainy when we got there.

sunday morning we woke up to go to the car show. it was raining when we got there, but it ended up being a pretty nice day.
VW was handing out stickers with numbers on it, and you had to find someone with your same number and you got a prize. eric found his match. i never found mine.
he found his match

car show

car show

i was kind of having a crappy weekend because i was worried about kitta, the weather had been gross, i was at some car show were i knew no one, but then eric told me they had potato ribbons and it made everything so much better. i got a large order of potato ribbons and fries and it was amazing.
i died

we got home early evening and did our grocery shopping and hung out around the apartment. i got in bed to read and both of the cats joined me. THIS WAS AMAZING. the cats hate being near each other.
perfect sunday night

i think eric might actually make a post this week! he made some food last week that he is pretty proud about and i am trying to get him to post about it.


robotsandkittens said...

i wanted to tell you, mango ALWAYS gets uti's, and the vet actually wanted to put him down a few weeks ago. we brought him home to consider it, and i read online to give him a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar every day.. at first i had to force it down, but then i just started adding it to his food. we also started buying special food formulated to help urinary health.. he's fine! it took a few weeks, but he's back to 100%!
it really pisses me off that we almost put him down. i want to take him back to the vet and yell at her.
she suggested we put him down cause we couldn't afford the 3500 dollar surgery, the bottle of apple cider vinegar was 99 cents!
i want to punch her.
anywho, thought it might help!
longest comment ever!!!!

lauren said...

thanks so much for that info! i definitely have apple cider vinegar on hand and will try it out.
the vet told me she just has a high pH level and this is something that will happen if i don't keep it in check.
i'm glad mango is doing better though!