Wednesday, September 9, 2009

bits of the weekend

um..whoops. i totally forgot to post some photos of the weekend. being unemployed totally throws off the days of the week, and then throw in a holiday weekend and i get all sorts of confused.
i really don't have much to show though. philadelphia had some amazing weather last week and over the weekend and we took full advantage of it.

eric left work early on friday and we rode our bikes into center city for some lunch. after lunch we went to rittenhouse square.

rittenhouse square

we did some people watching and some reading.

rittenhouse square

and then met up with eric's cousins. emily brought her dog samson (or sansom?) and i was pretty much in love.



we all went out to dinner and eric and i kept it classy by bringing a 32 oz. yeungling and drinking it out of wine glasses.

staying classy

saturday morning we woke up and decided to get in a good workout. we biked over to the art museum and i locked up my bike and went for a run, while eric continued to ride his bike. it's really pretty over there, and i really wish i could have taken some photos, but bringing my camera along for a run just didn't seem like a good idea.
later on in the day we made potato pizza which was amazing.

potato pizza

sunday morning we woke up early again, and headed to the italian market. since moving up here i have missed having my favorite drink ever, topo chico. we thought the italian market would be our best bet in finding it because there are a lot of mexican grocers there. no such luck.
i decided to try jarritos agua mineral but it did not live up to the amazingness of topo chico.

NOT topo chico

later on some of our friends invited us on a bike ride. i really wish i had had my camera on me for this, because it was really beautiful. we stopped for a bit and i shot some photos with my phone.

riding bikes around

riding bikes around

we went all around fairmount park and it was great because you don't feel like you are in a city at all. and the leaves are barely starting to change, which is something i've never really seen.

and then finally monday. we decided to ride our bikes to memphis taproom to see juli and to drink some of the beer. over the weekend memphis had hosted a mystery beer competition, and they still had some pretty amazing stuff on tap.


i think this order was poor richard's tavern spruce ale, cantillon geuze and aecht schlenkeria helles.