Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bingo and burglers

for the past few weeks eric and i have spent our monday nights at a restaurant up the street from our apartment.

el camino real

why have we been there every monday night?


el camino real host a bingo night every monday and it's really awesome. the prizes are usually free food or drinks to either el camino or bar ferdinand.

el camino also has shiner as one of their beers! it makes me miss texas some.
shiner does exist in philly

we are sort of becoming bingo locals, and i was really excited when the bingo caller/hostess made me cookies this week! she ended up baking the carrot cookies from 101cookbooks.com, which just so happens to be my favorite cookie! it definitely made the night even better.

carrot cookies!

usually we both win a few times a night, but sadly last night it was only eric winning.

eric and i both worked out after work tonight and when we finished we were starving and ready to eat a lot of food.
eric has been making burgers over the weekend and then keeping them in the refrigerator. it makes for a really easy dinner when you need some filling and fast.

eric topped his black bean burger with a coleslaw of julienned carrots, cabbage, onions, jalapenos, avocado slices, and bbq sauce.

burgler dinner night

i had a different burger mixture and i topped mine with mustard greens, carrots, radishes, jalapenos, pickles, hot mustard and red hot all placed on an ezekiel burger bun.
burgler dinner night

quite delicious!

well keep your fingers crossed that eric and i both have snow days tomorrow! we are supposed to get about 15 inches on top of the almost 30 we got over the weekend.


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